Mobile Telephony Market in SE Europe

A region with still some room to grow

By Dimitris Mallas

A look in the region

South East Europe is one of the most interesting markets in Europe. When consumers in Western Europe were making their first phone call through a mobile device using a digital GSM network back in 1992-1993, most of the countries in South East Europe were trying to get into their feet after the collapse of communism. Fast forward to 2013 and most of the countries have a mobile penetration well above 100% and also there following with quick steps the trends in Western Europe, while at the same time some of them are members of the European Union.

Mobile market has seen a tremendous uptake in these countries. Greece was the first one where mobile operators saw tremendous growth in the late ‘90s. The same scene was played at the turn of the century in countries like Romania or Bulgaria, while in the last 5-6 years the big star of the region is definitely Turkey.


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