Research & Development

mSensis invests in Research & Development activities that can either lead to the development of new products / services, or to the improvement of existing ones. More than 20% of the year revenue is being invested to the Research while our employees are constantly trained to new technology trends. Thessaloniki’s branch operates as the incubator of R & D activities for the whole Group. Our goal is to use R&D in order to expand our horizons in ICT ecosystem and create innovative solutions.

The δemon project

mSensis S.A., driven by enterprises’ increasing demand to extract valuable information and knowledge about the quality of products and services provided, has developed project δemon.

δemon includes the essential Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Extraction tools utilized to uncover and measure key aspects (attitudes, opinions, likes, shares etc.) for any business.

A comparison of machine learning techniques for customer churn prediction

Machine Learning is a Computer Science sector that is concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow the automated performance of tasks like pattern recognition, prediction, diagnosis, etc., based on empirical data. Therefore, Machine Learning plays a key role in the development of business data mining applications in various fields such as retail, marketing, banking, and telecommunications.  

The Evolution to Mobile Banking

Money is anything that is accepted in a given society as a payment of goods and services and a repayment of debts.

Fiat money like paper bills or cheques which is declared as legal tender is issued by the state or governing body responsible for the monetary region in question, and is accepted within the jurisdiction of the issuing government with an applicable exchange rate.

A mobile working environment makes business sense

The current financial crunch has taken a heavy toll on today’s business environment forcing corporations to seek innovative ways to reduce costs.

One of the heaviest contributors to total fixed costs is office space. Most people commute or drive to work eventually making their way to some sort of permanent working space whether it’s an office or a desk. For an office worker, typical deskwork includes processing documents, emails, and engaging in phone communication; daily interactions with co- workers take place through scheduled or ad hoc meetings in fixed meeting rooms, or other building areas.