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A highly innovative and market disruptive communication system that will enable App Developers and Telcos to launch high quality and with global reach, core communications services in-app and/or in-network (messaging, voice, file sharing, email, etc.) at a low cost, faster time and with minimal resources than any other alternative.

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Life For Low Vision (L4LV) is an integrated knowledge system developed to:
Assist and improve the quality of life of people with communication problems due to LV. L4LV can be an essential support in the daily lives of people with LV, upgrading their quality of life and generally facilitating their access to education, work and social life.
Detect early signs of the disease and timely seeking medical help / support.

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DeepBot project concerns the development and commercial exploitation of an innovative chatbot service; more specifically, it concerns the design and implementation of a retrieval-based chatbot using state-of-the-art NLP and Deep Learning methods to better identify the intention of the user along with statistical methods and analytics to better identify the chatbot response.

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Q-edis is a queue management system used to streamline customer flow through businesses such as banks, hospitals and government offices that get large crowds of people during working hours. Instead of making them all crowd around counters for service, the queue system will issue paper or SMS tickets to each person who joins the queue.

Q-edis collects accurate, real-time information that shows customer arrivals and waiting time. It manages the complex flow of random and scheduled visitors; by considering customer profiles and upsell opportunities it optimizes the level of service and customer lifetime value.