General Description

Try to imagine the following scenario: being lost, literally “trapped” within vast quantities of multi formatted data (database, xls, cdr, edr, etc.), regardless of topology (residing locally or across the network), and having to make sense out of all this. This is a problem, but it is also a challenge like no other.

mAnalytics by mSensis is a web-based platform that has the power to sort data out and make sense out of it. It does this effectively and with great flexibility.

mAnalytics is an essential tool, which enables your company to take the forecasting and proactive “steps” needed, in order to boost business and decrease capital or operational expenses. This is possible by analyzing customer behavior, customer trends and all other information. This alone may mean nothing, but combined with other attributes can mean a lot.

Recent studies have proved that organizations applying analytics outperform their peers.



Monitoring customer behavior during a campaign requires the use of a state-of-the-art platform, the mSensis’ Reporter platform. Solution contributes to the creation and control of generated reports that help track down the real-time conversion activity.

This precious feedback gives you the opportunity to measure the weak and strong points of your mobile strategy, in order for you to make all changes necessary to redefine and manage it effectively.

This deep insight into the customer’s engagement facilitates your planning the next moves in the mobile marketplace, thereby gaining or retaining competitive advantage.