General Description

What is the best way to satisfy your customers? The answer lies in mSensis’ set of solutions, in which customer gets control of the service he buys, without having to face the obstacles of complexity and low quality. mCare set of products provides the client with sophisticated services and innovative ways to attract his customers. At the same time, it reduces churn and operational costs, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement. Products are fast, designed to be implemented in specific business logic and with extended functionalities for the future.


Mobile Self Care Portal

Mobile Self Care Portal is here to solve this complexity of multiple short codes or service URLs, just with the implementation of a user-friendly menu. Access to the menu is possible either through text, the web or mobile application. Subscriber has a central menu, with a thorough list of services and possibilities.

Panel aid

Panel Aid is a mobile application. As soon as it is installed in the subscriber’s mobile device (smartphone), it offers a wide range of services. Allocating minimum resources, it is very fast and accessible from almost everywhere. Moreover, it offers direct interface to a vast number of applications, acting as a table-like selection panel.

Access Point Business Care

Femtocell has become a rapidly evolving technology due to the key benefits it offers. Access Point Business Care offers full management of these Access Points (Femtocells), since these are available for sale to the end-user who owns them. Both operator and end-user have full control of the Access Points, reducing the need for customer care assistance or extensive manual back office support.