General Description

Companies often fail to communicate and interact effectively with their customers. This can be very frustrating, since successful communication affects sales and business growth to a great extent. In order to overcome these kinds of obstacles and stay ahead of competitors, companies have to invest in the correct marketing strategies. As numbers show, one of the most effective is mobile marketing (mMarketing). mSensis’ powerful mMarketing tool targets your audience directly and effectively by providing flexible solutions and using multiple communication channels.

Proactive action, customer retention, predictive analysis and “one-to-one advertising” are only a few of the words that can describe the key features, and therefore, the distinct advantages of mSensis’ mMarketing.


Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile Marketing Platform is a dynamic platform organizing efficient campaigns while, at the same time, minimizing the embedded costs. Platform stays ahead of competition through its ability to deliver time-to-market campaigns for prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid tariff plan types to multiple communication channels in real-time. Its capability for personalized contextual campaigns yields a higher customer adaptation and acceptance rate, diminishing campaign costs at the same time.

Platform has the competitive advantage of built-in loyalty tools and analytics services, allowing the operator to predict customer behavior and analyze customer trends. Such insight contributes to better sales forecasting and proactive reaction.

Offer Management System (OMS)

Offer Management System by mSensis is a powerful, robust, flexible and extended web application platform enabling mobile operators to easily create and manage multiple prepaid and postpaid subscriber bundle offers, as well as deliver marketing campaigns and promotions.

OMS is a fast, light and user-friendly application environment offering:
> ease-of-use and management
> creation and deployment of campaigns without IT dependence.

Its infrastructure facilitates seamless adaptation and connectivity to operator’s back-end (legacy) systems.


In an era when “mobility” is the keyword for everything around us, mSensis follows the trend and approaches mobile advertising in an effort to gain a considerable market share of the overall advertisement binge.

mSensis’ mobile advertising is based on the concept that the subscriber receives relevant communication only upon consent. Targeted advertising results in increased responsiveness, as it responds to the goals of our customers.

Mobile Advertising Server by mSensis supports multiple delivery technology platforms (web, smartphones, tablets, etc.), as well as all major ad formats (static, HTML5, animations, video, etc.).

It also supports analytics and reporting services in order to track impressions, visits and revenue from all ad posts across multiple geographical sectors.

Server works in parallel with the Mobile Marketing Platform or with the Offer Management System.