General Description

Since the beginning of the mobile industry, messaging has been the most common form of communication. And there’s a very good reason for this: the instant exchange of information. In order to compete in the fierce marketplace, mSensis has included in its broad portfolio powerful and scalable messaging solutions, allowing operators to enhance their services, reach targeted customers in real-time and, at the same time, increase their satisfaction.


SMSC and applications

mSensis’ Software SMSC is an all-IP, high capacity, scalable solution offering ultimate reliability with many years of experience in SMSC design. This future- proof solution enables operators to share components, centralize functions and reduce complexity and costs. At the same time, it contributes to the introduction of new services to the market, keeping customers engaged.

MMSC and applications

mSensis’ MMSC is a highly scalable service platform, built on open standards and running on mobile networks, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSxPA and LTE included. Based on a modular architecture, MMSC allows mobile operators to increase message throughput simply by adding more nodes, so that it can be scaled virtually, without limitation.

Call completion products

Ring Back Tone

mSensis’ Ring Back Tone Server offers an optimized solution for generating and playing a large variety of tones, announcements or audio clips used in personalized ring back tone services. Furthermore, solution offers a fully configurable billing mechanism capable of meeting the requirements of business models applicable to this service.

Network Interactive Voice & Video Response (IVVR)

mSensis’ Network IVVR enables mobile operators to provide their customers with on-demand audio and premium video content, adverts and informative services. Network IVVR consists of two key modules – the Media Resource Server and the Application Server – each one individually scalable.

Call Router

mSensis’ Call Router offers an efficient way of gradually deploying advanced voice and video services in the operator’s subscriber base, while complementing legacy voicemail services. The fact that every subscriber is associated to a specific voice or video termination service assists in subscriber base segmentation.

Voicemail Services & Applications

Voice2SMS (MMS)

Allows any subscriber to use an alternative and more personal way of communication, without having to opt-in, just by recording a voice message and managing the relevant notification via SMS or MMS.

Voice & Video Mail

This is an enhanced version of Voice & Video mail service, which sends voice and video messages directly to handsets, without going through a traditional IVR. With MMS, email, web and smartphone delivery, subscribers can look at a list of messages and prioritize which are more urgent to listen to.

Messaging Gateway

It enables operators to control the way Content Providers access and send SMS data to mobile subscribers. Operators can balance traffic among multiple SMSCs or even route traffic to specific SMSCs, reducing, this way, the risks encountered due to high traffic.

Bulk Web2SMS

An easy, cost-effective and instant way of communicating with other mobile subscribers, without the need of a mobile phone, is via Web2SMS. As users get more and more accustomed to Web interface, it is convenient for them to use it in order to send an SMS to one or multiple subscribers (bulk message).