General Description

A few years ago no one could foresee the power of social media. Today this impact sees no end.

mSensis’ networking platform gives people the chance to interact and communicate with the users that interest them and thus be constantly connected to their preferred groups.

This is the new, convenient way of socializing, beneficial for both users and carriers. Users enjoy themselves, while carriers take advantage of the significant growth opportunities.


Friends Net

Friends Net is a social networking service addressed to subscribers who want to be part of a communication and/or entertainment group, usually within the same carrier. A user makes friends by sending a request to the phone numbers of his favorite subscribers, through the appropriate channel (text based, web or mobile app). Friends Net members can share their interests by joining one or multiple groups (public/private ones).

Virtual Notice Board

Virtual Notice Board service enables the registered user to “post” and therefore communicate a note or message to the other members of a group with access to the same service.