Our platform

Overview of mSensis’ Platform

mSensis’ multipurpose platform, offers a wide range of smart services whose aim is to effectively implement business logic and therefore satisfy not only operators’ business ideas, but also customers’ exclusive needs.Services offered through the platform are characterized by the unique features of modularity and reutilization. The platform can support multiple devices and deliver results through numerous communication channels contributing to a convenient and flexible end-user approach: Web, SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and mobile application.

Moreover, the Application Server is based on popular and well- known open source software, running on all operating systems (Linux, Windows, UNIX), as well as applications written in Java Runtime Environment and above using the latest MySQL Edition. The application server logic is implemented via Red Hat JBoss. The combination of the above software component turns mSensis’ platform into a secure, cost-effective and reliable suite.

The success of this platform lies in its potential and evolving nature, which keeps the platform updated and on the edge of new services offering the following competitive advantages:

  • Easy conversion of ideas to applicable services in a very short period of time.
  • Centralized approach regarding services’ introduction.
  • Increased revenues through attractive innovative services.
  • Increased revenues through self-care services.
  • Maximum utilization of existing investments.
  • Multiple channels for convenient and flexible end-user approach.

The mSensis’ Platform provides the following smart services:

  • mMarketing
  • mCare
  • mFinancials
  • mMessaging
  • mNetworking
  • mAnalytics

Key Benefits to Customers

  • Proactive methodology to minimize subscriber churn to other networks.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting, which will provide the necessary feedback and corrective actions in order to achieve excellent performance.
  • Customization of services and promotions adding value to your business.
  • Customer loyalty leading to revenue increase.



In an effort to keep up with the competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, a company with a strategic goal to achieve a growing market share has to create “win-win” partnerships within its program.

The benefits are multiple for all shareholders:

  • The combination of their know-how and expertise takes the offered solution to another level, in order to achieve maximum performance and excellent results.
  • This value-added and state-of-the-art service opens up new possibilities that could lead members to markets they had not even considered before.
  • The creation of powerful and robust solutions raises the bar of competition within each industry helping new products to prevail among others.
  • End customer is provided with upper quality solutions.