Support Services

mSensis has developed a rigid internal support process in order to track, monitor and effectively resolve all customer problems according to priority and criticality.

We utilize best-of-breed Incident Management tools, combined with methodologies based on international best practices (ITIL v.3). Any incident appearing through an incoming call on the 24×7 support hotline is identified, examined and worked with until resolved. Escalation timers and established automatic processes take unresolved issues to management, in order to guarantee that a customer problem gets the utmost attention, and resources are committed accordingly.

Specialized tools track incident management process, engineer performance, and a whole array of metrics to guarantee the matter will be resolved as soon as possible.

Finally, we follow and document the resolution on advanced knowledge based systems, for instant resolution of any issue that we may come across in the future.

Our professional services cover the following areas:

  • Problem Requests
  • Proactive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Information Requests (Help Line)

Platform Support

Platform Support Services consist of five (5) service modules specified below:

1. Help Desk Services

mSensis operates a Helpdesk with qualified technical personnel, guaranteeing that all customers’ issues are handled, identified, escalated, and finally resolved within specific predefined timers and according to strict Service Level Agreements. Helpdesk services consist of the following service components including a 24 hour contact line, remote and on-site troubleshooting and periodic inspections.

2. Emergency Support Services

Our customers operate in different time zones, but more importantly they operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24×7), when errors or other issues requiring immediate intervention may arise at any time. Our emergency support services and our on-site engineer allow our customers to escalate an issue on a 24×7, 365 days a year basis.

3. Software Maintenance and Software updates

Software Maintenance Service consists of the following two (2) service components:

a. Interim Software Updates

Specific software updates may be provided to customers in case of a major error that degrades the normal operation of the provided software. In such cases mSensis provides interim software releases (patches) to be applied in order to resolve the issue. Patches are also introduced in generic software updates, in the next release cycle.

b. Generic Software Updates (Maintenance Releases)

Generic software updates are released in specific time intervals and include all software corrections and bug fixes, as well as additional functionality where appropriate. mSensis supports the current software release along with two (2) versions previous to the current one.

4. Systems Hardware Maintenance

In addition to the Helpdesk and emergency support services, mSensis provides support for the hardware through the following activities:

a. Spare parts management

mSensis relieves the headache of managing spare parts of the hardware in operation by providing full spare parts management and by providing/ proposing a specific spare parts list. Customer has the option to choose between keeping the spare parts on-site or off-site, on a different location or on mSensis’ premises.

b. Preventive maintenance

Since prevention is better than the cure, we provide preventive maintenance services, in order to identify early-on hardware issues requiring solution and schedule replacement before parts actually fail (which result in downtimes). This popular service has saved thousands of man-hours of reactive maintenance and has improved the overall system and service availability. Periodic preventive maintenance activities usually include visual system inspection, fan cleaning, execution of system diagnostic tests and other periodic activities as agreed with the customer and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

5. Proactive & Preventive Maintenance procedures

This service consists of the following components:

a. Field Change Order (FCO)

A Field Change Order (FCO) procedure is available to our customers, in order to proactively prevent an error or improve system performance based on system and software configuration, third party software and firmware updates, running scripts and proactive tool installation.

b. Annual/Periodic System Audit

mSensis offers Annual/Periodic System Auditing including system preparations, system checks and preventive maintenance routines to ensure that systems are optimized.

6. Support Packages

mSensis provides four (4) different types of support packages, designed to fulfill customers’ support requirements, as effectively as possible. These different package types listed below are based on the identified elements relevant to support services.

> Support Availability (24x7or8x5)

> Response & Resolution times (SLA)

i. Basic Package: Offers basic support services during business hours.

ii. Silver Package: Offers support services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

iii. Gold Package: Offers support of fast response times available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

iv. Diamond Package: Offers support of minimized response times available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.